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SixTop - Simply selling to you on the Web Outdoor Knitwear Shooting Jumpers, Sweaters and Pullovers

On: Monday, April 19, 2021


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Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully Jumpers, Sweaters and Pullovers from Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

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Niffi Jumpers for Men & Women
Wooly Pully YORK Military Jumpers for Men & Women
If you are looking to BUY economical, quality Shooting Jumpers, Sweaters or Pullovers then we can help.
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Niffi Gatcombe Fine Knit Crew Neck Shooting Jumper in Men & Women's Sizes
Gatcombe Fine Knit Crew Neck Jumper

Niffi Exmoor Heavy Knit, Chunky Zip Neck Sweater in Men & Women's Sizes
Niffi Exmoor Chunky Zip Neck Sweater

Woolly Pully York NATO Military Style Crew Neck Jumpers in Men & Women's Sizes
York NATO Military Crew Neck Jumpers

Outdoor Knitwear - Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully
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Outdoor Knitwear (previously known as Commando Knitwear) Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully jumpers, sweaters, pullovers & cardigans come in a host of styles, colours and knit patterns, including Vee Neck, Crew Neck, Zip Neck & Roll Neck. Fine knit versions are available as are chunky knit and the styles vary from traditional shooting jumpers (with suede shoulder patches) to NATO military specification pullovers. High quality knitted jumpers that are really economic, very stylish and long lasting no matter what the occasion.

Browse our ENTIRE Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully jumpers range ... Shop Now

Superb Quality Country Clothing at GREAT PRICES!


All our Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully jumpers are sold at discounted prices. SO WHY PAY MORE? - Competitive brands can be much more expensive and much lower quality than our knitwear products! View the Outdoor Knitwear Range of Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully jumpers... Shop Now


Sales are shipped directly to you from the Outdoor Knitwear factory in Leicester & carry the full maker's 12 month warranty - if the factory carries that stock item, then we can supply it! Jumper sizes range from XS, to 3XL. See the Niffi, Woollyback & Woolly Pully range of quality knitwear ... Shop Now
SixTop - Selling to you on the Web
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SixTop - MAXIMISING value on the WEB, MINIMISING your costs! SixTop - MAXIMISING your value for money, MINIMISING your costs!
SixTop - MAXIMISING value for money on the WEB, MINIMISING your costs!
SixTop - Simply selling to YOU on the WEB!
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